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clothes in flames yesterday afternoon. oakland police used surveillance images and witness interviews to catch the suspect. brian webb tried to get an answer from the teenager. >> tell us why you did it, sir, tell us. why would you do something like that? >> he said nothing. 18-year-old is being treated for second and third degree burns on his legs. >>> thousands couldn't wait to hit the jackpot or give it a good try. they went into the casino during its grand opening at 9:00 a.m. sharp. look at this crowd. the parking lot was full in no time. lines were long and slow that one feisty woman couldn't wait. not getting in line. she forced her way past security to get in and she did not get away with it. a great is west of highway 101. we heard a lot about this place the last few days. joe vasquez asked how do they treat the people who work for them. joe. >> reporter: casino management has been bragging about 2,000 new jobs that they created here. a lot of people out here in this area have had questions. what kind of jobs are these going to be? are they minimum wage or could you make a
so crews are under pressure to get it done. >> this is a big year for us. i don't know that it's not the biggest year we've had since 1936, 1937. that's when the golden gate bridge opened the bay bridge opened and the first tunnel opened. >> drivers going in reverse commute directions will see the biggest time savings. going eastbound in the morning they will save five minutes off the drive. westbound drivers in the afternoon will save 8 to 10 minutes. >> certainly the biggest advantage is going to be in the counter commute hours but we're having congestion in both directions of the day so we're always a little behind. >> reporter: caltrans says the fourth bore will open sometime after midnight in the early morning hours. they don't want to give an exact time they don't want a bunch of look he looks here. it will happen in just a few hours. we're live at the fourth bore kpix.com president. >> it's not something you come across very often on the internet. a google street view of a body laying on the ground. >> the murder mystery still unsolved. >> reporter: the images foun
:00 tonight. police closed off several streets to investigate. one woman told us that she was about to go into a store. she says she's lucky to be alive. >> i tried to run back in the store. when they did that, i heard the gunshots. and i hit the ground. a bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> police have been focusing their patrols on the violent parts of oakland. up until tonight, thing haves been working out pretty well. >> shootings are significantly down this year. murders are down this year. so there's signs of progress. but obviously the stuff shows us what we need to do. >> two of the seven victims are in critical condition tonight. the rest are expected to be okay. all men in their 20s. it's not clear if they were specificked targeted. >>> an ex-marine said it was instincts that made him save a woman who jumped from the third deck in the oakland coliseum yesterday. >> she was 20 something years old, young. you know, you have a whole lot of life left in you. >> reporter: after the raiders game yesterday afternoon, donny and his friends w
contact with people and the equipment used to measure the wind. more than 125,000 people have been evacuated from towns and villages in the typhoon's path. visibility so poor, only silhouettes can be seen through the thick curtain of water. the storm will maintain super typhoon strength despite weakening slightly as it passes over land. >> a couple things to talk about if you are wondering what is difference between a typhoon and hurricane. this is a major hurricane, if it was hitting the u.s. the storm is edging its way into the south china sea. could make land fall there as a category 3 storm. one thing to note, the answer is yes, often, the rain fall from these remnant typhoons will work all the way around the pacific ocean and actually be some of the rain fall we get here on the west coast. if it's raining in a couple weeks, it may be from this storm. i'll have our local forecast in a few minutes. >>> local communities are already bracing for the worst. reps with the community center in san francisco are telling us tonight they tend to take a proactive stance when it comes to
. that's when a four-year temporary increase in benefits expires. kpix5 shows us what it will mean for people in the bay area struggling to put food on the table. >> i already know what i'm going to eat tonight. >> brenda started using food stamps five months ago, it helps put a little food on the table. tonight it's a small salad and a soda. >> if i go grocery shopping, that's $23 cash. >> for 47 million americans on the food stamp program, a big chunk of benefits will disappear tomorrow. for a family of four on the maximum benefits, that's $432 a year gone or $36 a month. >> $36 a month may not sound like much, but it's the equivalent of 21 individual meals a month off the table. for things like beans and bread, fruits, and vegetables. bay area food banks are bracing for the fallout at a time they are already stretched thin. handing out food to 147,000 people in san francisco and marin counties every week. >> there's no buffer for people at the low income spectrum. whatever hits them, hits them in the gut. >> and paul ash is afraid it will hit children especially hard, lead
-- >> tonight's commute home on bart was an absolute mess tonight. kristen ayers tells us exactly what happened. >> earlier today, hundreds of people jammed this platform here, some told us they were waiting as long as one or two hours trapped because of some debris, some sheet metal that was ab instructing some of the tracks. listen in on what some riders told us they experienced during those delays. >> train got here, we waited here for a few minutes, they told us to get off and i've been waiting well over an hour because they are sending full trains. >> i started getting close trough clostrophobic. >> trains packed to the gills with passengers began rolling through again. the problem bart says, a piece of loose sheet metal in the transbay, which wound up touching the electric third rail. this is bart's second major delay in two days. in oakland, kpix5. >> the debris was cleared by 7:00 tonight and trains got back on schedule shortly thereafter. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating a stabbing that happened aboard a train in sunny vail today. suspect is in custody,
bastida. >> the car that hit him at 13th and harrison did not stop. but kristen ayers shows us sur vie lance cameras shows us everything. >> the guy that was hit was walking out of his job on 13th street in oakland. he walked across the street here just as a car came tearing around the corner. it hit him and kept right on going. >> i stepped outside to walk across the street to my car like i do every night when i leave there, and that's when it happened. >> surveillance video shows bryant seconds before he was struck by a passing car. from this angle, we see the suv, a dark porsche make a wide, unsteady turn and moments later -- >> i realize it was too late, so i braced myself for impact. >> it hits bryant. watch again at the top of your screen. bryant tries to get out of the way, but he falls to the ground. the porsche pauses and takes off. >> i can't believe they don't have enough love for their human brother to go out and see if they are okay. if they are even alive. >> crash left bryant with a broken femur and intense pain. also painful, the mounting medical bills. doctors ha
it is to bring a gun io an airport and do somethingt like he did." carter evans tells us: as ts slowly return to normal carter evans tells us: as ts slowly return to normal at l-a-x.. passengers are wondg why it was so easy. a first look inside the concourse. shows the blood stained carpet has been repd een replaced and all evidence of the attack is gone. the only reminders, black bands on tsa badges and flowers where paul ciancia gunned down tsa agent gerardo hernandez. passenger scott green watched it happen. >> he had the gun down like this, so he saw him on the ground and he shot twice. >> reporter: billy bay spotted the gunman as he made his way to the gates. >> i thought he was a random passenger, very calm, stoic faced, got closer and turned a bit and saw the assault rifle strapped on his shoulder and that's when i high tailed it and ran. >> so you were surprised -- >> that he made it all the way to the gate. >> that no one stopped. >> that he wasn't stopped by then, yeah. >> reporter: l.a.x. police chief patrick gannon says he moved armed officers from behind the checkpoint to a more
. >> reporter: help is on the way from the u.s. military to the philippines. the aircraft carrier is on the way with food, water, generators and will be a national humanitarian effort. it is over 1700 now officially, but some officials are saying we can see 10,000 dead before it is over. joe vasquez, kpix. >>> we were in the town of laitai. >> reporter: just as we finished this report haiyan unleashed its full fury ripping roofs off. waves crashed into the hotel. everyone rushed to the second floor. >> reporter: the rain didn't stop for hours. we had to change rooms again. for three hours we didn't know if we would survive. nothing prepared us for what the storm moved on. the devastation was complete. >> these images are from space. lay that image over the west coast and you have a storm from seattle to san diego. we will have a phone bank this thursday. go to our website kpix.com. >> reporter: we could also have a dry season. the city so far in downtown has seen low rainfall. the average is 17. we are 13 inches below normal for the calendar year. that is nothing compared to the north bay. we h
to the way we use technology. details are in his book, "who owns the future." welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> i dance between i can't follow this because it's deep and high-tech to wow, that's incredible. before we talk about who owns the future, let's back up, who owns the present? >> well, whoever has the largest computers. recently, those who had oil or controlled transportation, things like that, at present, it's the one who has the lanchest computer. -- largest computer. whenever you look, it's someone with a giant financial computer, or social network, those are the people who own the present and if you look at the sort of, the we income is distributed now with the declining middle class, the top peak are those with some large computer. i am a part of the problem, if you like. >> so, you created some of this technology, is there any one thing that put you on the map or you want to be remembered for? [ laughter ] >> i can't think about that. it's not important. >> or anything that the average user would recognize? >> global reality is something i am linked with. i am connected wit
. get oakland police say a 14- year-old boy used a pellet gun to steal $5 from an 11-year- old. the teen surrendered on saturday and charged with armed robbery. this happened on november 1 on 19th avenue in east oakland. the 11-year-old was walking to school that morning when the older boy demanded his cell phone. he ended up taking the money instead. >>> and dozens of people gathered in san francisco tonight to protest police brutality. protesters spent an hour and a half in front of san francisco police department's mission station. police had the riot gear ready, but it was peaceful. >>> and the people are up in arms over this video from friday afternoon. at the gardens public housing complex, they say police used excessive force when arresting d.j. williams after he was riding his bike on a sidewalk. video shows williams and other men on the ground. one orlando rodriguez admits he got too close to the action. >> it wasn't necessary. it was over the top and definitely something needs to be done. that was a first for me and it was over the top. >> police say officers used reasonable
another withdrawal from the bay area cash machine. but first immigration as mark kelly shows us that people were lining up today to grab a ticket for the stop in china town. >> reporter: a steady stream of supporters line up 24 hours early for a chance to hear obama's speech. it's at the recreation center in china town on monday. as the president will use their neighborhood as a background for the renew drop on the immigration reform. he says that the china town location is perfect. >> our country is really built on immigrants. >> it's a quick visit. but is sending one clear message. the two-term president is losing his critical capitol. but take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz center as we get closer to the event, organizers, they would splash that ticket price from $1,000 to $500. >> he's been here for nine times. people, they are tired of writing the checks to obama, even in the democratic bay area. >> reporter: scott won't be watching the president's speech as he is not impressed that the president is choosing to talk immigration while obama care in
strike? thank you for joining us. >>> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. first up, of course, is bart. >> more drama with the contract. we thought this was all said and done. in fact, it's already been signed by the key players. i have their signatures here. apparently, they signed off on a clause for paid family leave and bart management didn't want to do that. >> and they say they can't afford it. we are going to sit down with one of the director and find out what comes next. >> the mayor also talking about obamacare, of course, we have heard much about the problems with the website. here's an advertisement put out really aimed at young people because they need young people to sign up to balance the cost with the older people. >> and the government's continuing look into the privacy in your online searches. we are going to sit down and discuss this with a representative from the freedom foundation to talk about the latest in google. what the tug of war is all about. mean while, the president of the philippines vowed to stay in the area until he sees more progress
rd. home you set the clocks back and thank you for joining us. >> we have a lot of news to cover and too sweet, what one san francisco supervisor is saying. drinks here in the bay area or in san francisco. judge they think the unions is too sweet and that they have betrade b.a.r.t. riders. we'll hear from him in the next hour. >> and first, we have developing news this morning in oakland where fire fit -- firefighters have a handle on the house fire. it broke out around 6:20 in the 1700 block of 11th street. >> a federal prosecutor is providing new details about the shooting inside the terminal on friday in lax. the suspected gunman paul ciancia allegedly shot a tsa officer at point-blank range, went up the escalator, came down and shot him again. he's charged with murdering a federal officer and could face the death penalty. he was not a ticketed passenger but dropped off at the airport before the shooting. as reporter carter-of-ans tell us, he had more than one women. >> the man carried with him multiple assault weapon magazines and a message. >> in the note that was handwritte
it was and everybody started running. we thought it was a joke. >> the mall cops came running past us screaming shots fired and told us to run. >> other witnesses described a lone gunman dressed in black from head to toe and talking to himself. at this time, it's not considered an active shooting incident and the gunman may have left the mall. >> for the first time we are hearing from one of the injured tsa agents who survived friday's shooting at lax. he told the reporter he was shot twice while doing his job trying to protect people. >> tony can barely walk after surviving friday's shooting at los angeles international airport. the tsa agent was trying to protect passengers. when police say paul ciancia shot him. >> i turned around and there was a gunman and shot me twice. >> investigators visited his apartment just outside los angeles and left with his roommate, who drove ciancia to the airport, but says he had no idea what was going to happen next. ciancia walked into lax, pulled an assault rifle, and opened fire. hernandez, one of three agents shot was killed. he considered hernandez a true
off with his son. the baby's mother told us through a translator tonight, that's not what's important. >> i'm only really worried about my son and thinking about him and aim sure he knows what he did and the actions he took and that there's going to be consequences to them. >> at this point it's unclear when the baby will be reunited with his mom. >>> oakland police are looking for two people they say put the flames out after a bus passenger was lit on fire. the victim, 18-year-old luke fleischmann was asleep. a 16-year-old boy set him on fire causing severe burns to his legs. that suspect has been arrested. the two didn't know each other. police say luke was wearing a skirt when it happened and they're looking into whether this could be hate crime. >> set the fire with a lighter and unprovoked. even after a long career in law enforcement i find this disturbing. >> a website has been set up to help pay luke's medical bills, as of this afternoon, $21,000 have been donated. >>> blairo is hauling tuns of dirty fuel through bonitia and they want to ship more. neighbors hate this area. the
of us see the opportunity to end the crisis and open new horizons. >> we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian government access to a portion of the proceeds from sanctions. >> reporter: if this initial dole holds there will be final stage negotiations down the road. to ensure iran does not build a nuclear weapon. bigad shaban, cbs news. >> the u.s. and other world powers say this will make the world safer. but many of our allies are not happy. let's take a minute to look at the strange bedfellows this agreement has created. first and foremost israel and saudi arabia both are furious believing the u.s. has sold them out. israel doesn't trust iran to stop its nuclear program. after all, iran has threatened to wipe israel off the map. the saudis and other muslim arabs aren't happy that a shiite muslim rivals in iran are making nice with the u.s.. here are the winners. syria and hezbollah are thrilled because they believe the agreement will make the iranian allies that much stronger. hezbollah the group is happy iran can the u.s. have -- and the u.s. have a
the another look at bat kid. >> we have an interview greg that sells us a little bit about what is going on behind the cameras on this event that was seen all arnold the world. >> yes, handles this morning, we are hock--yes, and also this morning wear looking at rain for the holiday coming up. >>> yes, this a really important travel week for a lot of folks. here is a live look over san francisco, blue skies and the temperature in san francisco is 49-degrees. so the winds have really tied down. we have light winds out of east this morning--out of the east this morning. in the north bay, you could sigh frost and--see frost and yes a chance of rain it looks like for thursday. more about that coming in a little bit. back to you guys. >>> well thank you, elizabeth. now this morn,ing, there is a- -morning, there is a deal between iran and six world powers including the oks. over the past year the u.s. had several rounds-over talks with iran without telling western allies. well, they mary hayashi have played a roll in the new agreement. but as a reporter tells us, the deal is only temporary. >>
in blue to honor the tsa agent who died. tonight, we have new details. carter evans tells us the suspects paul ciancia, carried multiple weapon's magazines and a chilling message. >> in the note handwritten we found from the defendant, it was signed by the defendant. we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the widow of jirardo hernandez spoke about her husband, the first officer in the agency's history to die in the line of duty. >> and we're heartbroken. >> reporter: at lax, more than 24 hours after gun fire disrupted thousands of flights, many passengers remain stranded. their belongings still inside the terminal they were fleeing from. >> and i want to go home. >> reporter: paul harris was trying to get home to missouri. >> all of my stuff was on the conveyer. i heard pow, pow, pow, the next shot and we all took off running. you can still hear shots going off. >> reporter: police say the 23- year-old paul ciancia shot his way through the security checkpoint killing tsa officer hernandez and wounding two o
codes in the u.s. are better and more strict than the philippines we will see more and more damage as we get to the people that are dealing with this storm. there are millions in the path of the storm still to come. >> thank you. >>> one bay area woman tells us she is terrified for her family members in the philippines but at the terrapinned to help. she -- determined to help. she is worried for her cousins some of the 750,000 people forced to evacuate. tonight she tried to get ahold of them but last check no luck. >> phone linecommunications are really bad. when i look on the tv, it just breaks my heart. >> filipino community center in valet hoe is planning a fundraiser on the 16th. >>> students behaving badly at cal have lead to a fraternity being shut down. on campus tonight. sounds like a familiar script, drinking and hazing, leading to a whole lot of trouble andrea. >> reporter: it is not only a familiar script for this fraternity, but the entire cal greek system. one uc berkeley police are trying to crackdown on. lights and sports center are on but according to the national website
from the u.s. and other countries have started to arrive. but as seth dunn reports, the need is reaching desperate levels. >> reporter: from the air, the pleas for help were easy to see. on the ground, there was a growing sense of panic. the u.n. estimates the typhoon has left half a million filipinos hungry, homeless, and thirsty. residents were urged to flee if they could. thousands jammed the ruined airport hoping to get one of the few seats out on military planes. most are still waiting. more than a dozen coastal communities are still cut off. there's a shortage of transportation and fuel and roads are clogged with debris. around the city, volunteers prepared to bury more bodies as the death toll rose above 2300. >> too many people are dying just from that stand. >> reporter: fernandez lost almost everything in his home. there's very little left for him and his family to live on. >> we can't get any food or buy food from our stores because there's no stores to buy from. >> reporter: there were many more security forces on the streets today but the government has been crit
. things flip by. >> bart board director told us buried in the contract, which is hundreds of pages long, is a provision that gives workers six weeks of paid family leave. bart management says that provision should not have been in the contract. >> we did not know how it got in there and figure out that and work with the unions to resolve this isolated elements of the contract. >> but the union already ratified the contract and in a statement, atu's president said bart management is attempting to go back on agreement that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. bart board members plan to meet behind closed doors to talk about the problem tomorrow. >> is there any possibility that worse case scenario, we could be looking at another bart strike? >> i don't think that has much potential, but of course, anything is possible. >> the bart board will vote on this contract in a week, november 21, they say they hope to have all of this resolved by then. reporting live, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> well, it's another possible hate crime involving a transgender teen. this one, a figh
. >> thank you, thank you. all right, stay with us. we are going talk about fish. do you eat fish? >> yes. >> the whole thing? >> no. >> stay tuned. >>> welcome back. mary is a a writer, and a- -maria is a writer and a true lover of fish, and we mean the whole fish. maria has written for the new york times and the san francisco chronical says your next fish dinner should start with buying the fish whole so you can use the entire animal. that is right. every part. now before you wince, she claim that is you will be saving the motion and be healthy and sexy. sounds a bit fish. welcome, maria fin. it is your dream, i guess, to have fin attach today an about fish. >> yes, it is my real name. >> and when you say the whole fish, the eyes and the brains in. >> well, you can use the fish heads or soup stock and a lot of people like the eyes and the brain. >> i don't necessarily, they are very great, i had them a food cart no portland. they would deep fry them and make a yogurt dip. >> but i think you can almost deep fry anything, i think people would eat the pen. >> yes, with a nice sauce. but no
. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we've got a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. >>> questions still remain about the bay bridge. we are going to talk to the senator about what's going on behind the scenes with the bridge. >>> also twitter and its effects good and bad on the bay area after the big ipo announcement -- or not an announcement, the actually unveiling of the ipo last week. we have a lot coming up. >>> we are starting with the death and devastation right now in the central philippines. the u.s. government is contributing to efforts to help victims of typhoon haiyan. in one town alone, officials believe the number of people killed could reach 10,000. the storm surge created a wall of water 20 feet high in some cases difficult for relief workers to get into the affected areas. the u.s. navy deploying ship and aircraft to help. and wendy gillette shows us authorities are still trying to get a handle on the full extent of the damage. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan reduced entire neighborhoods in the philippines to rubble. >> the devastation is -- i don't h
to the north. that is all heading in our direction and that will be giving us rain for an extended period of time. so many fronts for the past several weeks have been missing to north because of a big blocking ridge of high pressure. that ridge moved to the south. so now the rain will also have the opportunity to move to south. storm track is headed here. how much rain? not that big of a deal. wind will not be an issue. travel will. the roads are going to be very slick for the first time in a long time and the commute will be a mess because everybody will be seeing the rain fall. we'll talk about how much rain we'll see coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. new tonight, in a first for google, the company agreed to take down an image that kristen ayers first reported on. an image that upset a bay area family quite a bit. >> thinking about everything that happened, you know,. >> jose brushes away tears when he talks about his 14-year- old son, kevin, shot dead four years ago in richmond. friday, his pain was compounded when we discovered these satellite images available on goog
city is using tv to try to find the bad guys. >>> in line already? why these black friday shoppers say they're not just in it for the deals. >>> it is calm in san fransisco tonight when it comes to the wind but the wind is still whipping tonight. where the fire danger will be high this weekend, and when the next rain moves in. all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it replaces the two old tow rations under one . >>> the oakland airport has a new air traffic control tower. it replace the two older towers and puts operations under one roof. the goal is to improve safety and make things more efficient. most importantly air traffic controllers will be able to see the entire airport without anything blocking their view. a grant from the faa helped pay for it. >>> san jose police are hoping you'll play the role of detective. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us how they're using tv to try to solve real crimes. . [ sirens ]. >> reporter: unlike cop shows on tv which always solve the murder case by the end of the hour this reality based program exists because its cases were never solved. it's called make the
this sign behind me can. it says "please give us back our statues." the sign outside this home is simple and heart felt. >> it's sad at this time of year that somebody would do that. what value could they be to someone else. >> reporter: these two gnomes are what they're talking about. they were made by his daughter when she was a young girl. >> her mother had a ceramic shop and she made them in the shop. >> reporter: and have been around this family ever since. >> at christmas time we drag the train and i'm responsible for one or maybe even two chips taken out of these things. >> reporter: carline died two years ago in the motorcycle crash and gnomes went outside for the neighbors to admire. around hallowe'en the pair walked away so frank put the sign up to appeal to the thieves' sense of humanity. >> whoever saw them and thought to talk them, please go by the house again and read the sign and have some compassion in their hearts. >> reporter: his odds aren't bad. it's right across the street from the lighted mr. christmas house in concord. frank just wants a piece of his daughter back
to make its way to victims. a plane loaded with supplies left germany on sunday. in japan the u.s. marines loaded the c130 with humanitarian aide before heading to the philippines. officials they the typhoon impacted up to four million people. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> president obama issued a statement today saying he's deeply saddened by the life of loss sex tensive damage caused by the typhoon as he promises significant improvements. the local filipino company is doing what it can to help. >> reporter: the pastor bob on guitar leads the congregation in song and prayer for victims of typhoon haiyan. >> we also lift up the troops deployed out in the philippines right now. >> reporter: filipinos in the bay area continue to provide shipments of necessities to the extended families in the philippines. now the need is beyond competition. >> the surrounding churches in the city that have members from san francisco and around the peninsula that have rallied so quickly. >> help will come not just from church folks or filipinos. >> to collect collections and support and donations, non- pari
officer told us stay in the car and close the windows and then explosions started. the car exploded so i got out and walked all the way out. it was smokey in there, it was terrible. >> eight people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, all three bores were reopened in a couple of hours. >>> the last time major fire happened in one of those tunnels was back in 2007. a mercedes caught fire in the center bore in the evening commute sending commuters running out. everyone escaped safely. the new boor has significant safety improvements to vent any smoke and ahow people to escape in case of a fire. that bore is set to open in two weeks. >>> disturbing videos now public showing state prison guards forcing mentally ill inmates from their cells with pepper spray. this video was recorded last year at corkran a state prison. the inmates lawyers are seeking a ban on pepper stray sprai against the mentally ill. >>> the fact that -- the fact that it's happening in california on this governor's watch is disheartening and so far behind the pale that we have the federal court to provide some
this mission for us. >> they will be in the philippines in one month and another kaiser team will be flown in to replace them. >>> a union is sending help as well. the service employees national union sent employees to the philippines. they pledged $100,000 for the relief effort and plan to send medical workers from the bay area to help. >>> and in the philippines, more than 3600 people are confirmed dead. it will be weeks if not months before power is fully restored. >> we hope to be able to store at least partial electrical power to certain portions of the city by december 9. >> kpix5 and our radio partners joined to raise money thursday. and thanks to you, our telethon brought in $410,000. if you missed the phone lines, go to kpix.com/donate. >>> a collision brought down a power line in petaluma at around 4:15. at least one of the drivers had to be taken to the hospital. the road was closed several hours while crews dealt with a fire and part of the roadway is sill blocked for repairs for the downed power line. >>> it is deja vu for bay area commuters. we may see negotiators try to hamm
police have released the name of the man us suspected of killing her, michael sione green. >> you did the crime, come forward. >> a very, very dangerous person. a big guy, 5' 11", 230. >> reporter: green is 23 years old, tongan, and probably lives on the peninsula. nobody should approach this suspect. anybody sees him it's a 911 call. >> reporter: early sunday morning green was with a woman described as more than 6 feet tall, also a pacific islander. they got into a fender bender accident outside a club called omg. witnesses say after the wreck, green and his lady friend got violent with melquiesha and her friend of hayward as they were trying to calm the lady down. >> they say one got out of the car. she went to try to open melquiesha's car but she couldn't snatch her out. and he said move out of the way, i've got this. and just opened fire. 15 rounds, that was wrong. then you went around and shot my daughter twice, once in the face and once in the head? by the time i get to the hospital they tell me -- even before i get to the hospital they tell me my daughter is decreased. >> mrs.
, we ran as fast as we could the tornado was behind us. >> the number of tornadoes, victims and damage will be tallied for days on. this day just being alive means you are lucky. everybody is safe, the rest is replaceable. the mayor of washington, illinois was asked what help the town needed, he said send prayer sneeze the storm system is march -- prayers. >> the new states are under the threat. the tornado threat winds down as we lose the heating of the day. upstate new york, central and eastern pennsylvania may see severe weather tonight. 81 different tornado reports. a couple points of note, that's more tornado today than in an average month of november, but up until today we were on pace to be one of the calmest tornado years in decades. we've been dry for 60 consecutive days. but doppler will be lit up soon. >>> new video showing a terrifying tower of the typhoon that hit the philippines, it was shot by the aid worker that took refuge on the top house of the boardinghouse. >> u.s. and philippine troops are working around the clock the ship out relief supply. 10 days after the stor
came out and then we saw when the paramedics showed up. pretty much the paramedics told us to stay away from the area. >> reporter: according to witnesses, the branch fell from way up there. you can see how it came right down in this yard. and now it is parallel to the yard and fell right on top of a man who was sitting on his motorcycle. >> pretty scary. >> reporter: and the winds, they're still whipping here tonight in oakland throughout the east bay as we've been driving around. officials are advising everyone to play it safe and slow down. reporting live in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >>> strong winds are to blame for this tree in concord. the tree fell on the street east of port chicago highway as they came crashing down from the front yard of someone's home. it's blocking the entire road. this is just one of many reports we're getting about down trees in the debris all over. just how long will the wind last? >> it's in effect through 10:00 tomorrow morning. we're seeing these winds right now, gusting to 45 miles per hour. a part of the concern, increase in a concern for the down
that forced a bay area officer to use deadly force. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. it's not black friday yet, but you wouldn't know it at the malls. holiday shoppers have been taking advantage of deals all night long. the outlets in liver more and one of the places many will be open around the clock. >> open around the clock and let me tell you, there are lines that are an hour long just to get into the stores here, allen. and that is just not half the story. the turkey was juicy and later, so were the deals at the livermore premium outlet. >> the boots look cute on you. >> the crowd big enough to make your head spin. lines stretched nearly as far as the day is long. all the way down the corridor here and wraps around the building. and the bags were stuffed as the bird of the day. >> don't want to wait until 10:00. >> shoppers were committed, if not a bit delirious. >> got leggings, leggings, and some, what's it called? mascara. >> tired and high on sugar. >> how much pie have you had? >> i only had two pieces. >> i've had like a full pie. >> a combo not alw
lopez was shot. >> how can they say the officers are trying to make us safe and protect our community? this boy liveed in the area. >> reporter: the shoot sergeant under investigation by santa rosa police and the fbi. people say this is not just about andy lopez and they hope to start a movement for victims of police violence. in santa rosa, don knapp. >> and people turned out in the mission district asking for the deputy who shot andy lopez to be arrested. >>> and a gruesome discovery in san francisco bay. a person walking a dog spotted a body in the water near mccovey cove this morning. it is not clear if the body a man or a woman. >>> a plan to build a housing development near alameda's crown beach is drawing concern from the attorney general who is asking federal authorities to think twice about selling it to a developer. a lawsuit has been filed against alameda over the decision to rezone the neighborhood as residential. >>> and anne makovec july tradition that was a casualty of last year's shut down took place today. it was a perfect day for the sand castle competition at ocean
to speak up, use their voice, find a safe adult who they can go to and oftentimes those are the exact kind of programs where we are hear the significant amounts of stories of child abuse in the home. >> how many of these kids are under school age? >> there are thousands in san francisco. in fact the prevalence of kids that are getting hurt are the very very young kids, babies, as well as teenagers. >> is it cyclical? boomers grew up with parents who spanked. we all did. and as the boomers went to college, we learned a little bit more about this stuff and maybe we were teased that we were were coddling our children. what's happened? >> i think we have been aware of the situation now i think there has been generational violence. we have seen it in many many areas and it becomes the norm for our families until you are brought the awareness that it's wrong. that's raising the awareness that these things should be talked about and it's called "breaking the silence" so people don't feel the devastation of shame. >> when we come back we are going to talk about what is done to talk about this kind
, they left earlier today. what's coming up next? that same ridge that was with us through halloween. first 8 or 9 days. the storm track is heading back up to the northwest w. we're not going to get a glancing blow. it's all account dry weather continuing, but great f you and your family to get outside and you will be able to for the next several days. one close call, it's coming up on saturday. another storm will ride over the top of the ridge. but this ridge will be too strong. we will be dry. whenever you heard that before. that one storm will brush by us on saturday. it will be cooler and cloudier. the moisture will stay to our north. 71 degrees for san jose. that's 2 degrees above average. pittsburgh 74. pleasant hill 74. sunny in oakland. sunshine 73 degrees for you tomorrow. sunshine through sures, won't be as warm, but that's it. sunday the sun shape is back. right now, every long range computer forecast i see says cold weather until thanksgiving. >> enjoy the beautiful weather. >> thanks, paul. why these newlyweds will never have an excuse more forgetting their anniversary. ,,,,,,,
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